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The Big Event at VT

This weekend was The Big Event at Virginia Tech! The Big Event is a student-run day of service and is the second largest event of its kind in the nation. #VTBiochemistry takes our motto of #UtProsim seriously!

Biochem grad students at VT's annual day of service! Left to right: Chris (Slade Lab), Darcy (Lemkul Lab), Megan (Zhu Lab), Diane (Vinauger Lab), Austin (Tu Lab), & Caitlin (Gillaspy Lab).

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Joining the lab

Students and post-docs fascinated with disease vector insects' behavior, physiology, chemical ecology or neurobiology are invited to join the laboratory. Beyond an interest for disease vector insects, the lab is looking for people that are excited by and committed to collaborative, integrative and interdisciplinary approaches.

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