The Vinauger Lab

The Vinauger Lab studies the molecular, physiological and neural basis of mosquito behavior. We are a group of experimental biologists, relying on a collaborative, integrative and multidisciplinary approach, at the intersection between data science, neuro-ethology, molecular biology and chemical ecology. Our long term goal is to identify targets to disrupt mosquito-host interactions and reduce mosquito-borne disease transmission. 


Contact us:


Department  of Biochemistry

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

340 West Campus Dr,

Blacksburg, VA, 24061

Clément Vinauger

Dept of Biochemistry

Virginia Tech



Joining the lab

Students and post-docs fascinated with disease vector insects' behavior, physiology, chemical ecology or neurobiology are invited to join the laboratory. Beyond an interest for disease vector insects, the lab is looking for people that are excited by and committed to collaborative, integrative and interdisciplinary approaches.

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